Albert Einstein once defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If we go by the physicist’s definition, then every year around this time the majority of the people in the world lose their minds.

Therefore, if you’re chewing on nicotine gum right now or anxiously awaiting the delivery of your new Shake Weight, we have some bad news: you’re nuts.

Each year, millions of people make the same New Year’s resolutions they did the last time around.

They swear off cigarettes, binge drinking and bacon sundaes and yet still become lazier, drunker, and fatter. Look, we’re not pointing fingers – we’re right there with you. But we think it’s high time we started taking those good intentions and funneling them into resolutions we won’t abandon by February.

So here’s our idea: instead of making the same personal resolution you’ve been making for the last ten years, why not switch your focus to your business? These are promises you can actually keep – and you’ll profit from them too.

If you need some inspiration, we’ve prepared some ideas for you. Try one of these New Year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs.

You can accomplish every single one while smoking a cigar, drinking a scotch and eating a basket full of bacon. You don’t have to, but it is a pretty epic way to spend a Monday. Just sayin’.

1. Blog More.

Blog content is the beating heart of any business website, because fresh blogs keep the site current, relevant and engaging.

But if you want your readers to return week after week, you can’t toss them a half-assed entry once a month and expect to become a major industry hub. You need a content strategy, and it’ll necessarily involve an ongoing stream of posts.

Need some inspiration? Check out this blog writing infographic to get your creative juices flowing.Outsource your blog content writing woman writing

2. Sort Out Your SEO.

No content strategy is complete without effective SEO tactics.

We talk a lot about the importance and ROI of SEO for a reason: it works.

SEO is even more important for small businesses and startups, because it helps even the playing field for new organizations facing off against industry heavyweights who have more immediate brand recognition.

Are your SEO efforts helping search engines to shine a spotlight on your business, or are you lurking in the shadows somewhere on page 20 of Google’s search results?

See where you stand by getting a free SEO audit.

Use the free tool to pinpoint problem areas, then hire an SEO guru to patch your ship before it sinks.

We’ll send you your free report within the hour!

3. Schedule a Keyword Makeover.

As an obnoxious supermodel once said, “One day you’re in, and one day you’re out,” and that’s totally true for keywords too.

They go out of style, and unless you research yours at least twice a year, so will your blog content. So make a New Year’s resolution to revamp your keywords at least twice in 2013. Once you’ve finished your Treat Yo Self 2013 day at your local spa, that is.

4. Help a Reporter Out.

If you don’t have an account on HARO by now, you are seriously tardy for the digital PR party.

Sign up for HARO email alerts and read through them at least twice a week to find reporters who are looking for input on topics in your field. When you provide good story fodder, blog content or advice, you could score yourself and your business some free PR on a reputable news site or blog – and you’ll hone those bitchin’ pitchin’ skills in the process.

5. Press-Release the Kraken.

Sending out a well-written and engaging press release is not unlike unleashing a many-tentacled hell-beast upon your competitors.

It may not destroy an armada, but it will bump those guys off the radar for several days as hundreds of media outlets run your story. Hire The Content Factory’s team of writers to get the angle and tone that will hook publishers and convince them to share your content.

6. Get Your Tweet On.

We can’t stress enough the how important social media marketing is for growing a 21st century business.

There’s no need to spend your every waking hour live-tweeting, but if you want to make the most of your business’s Twitter presence, you do need to stay active and engaged. Revive anemic Twitter accounts this year by making a New Year’s resolution to try Hootsuite and the Hootlet Chrome app. You’ll save hours for your social media networking team, and your Tweet game will level up too.

That’s what we call a win-win.

Not sure which of these New Year’s resolutions to choose? Try them all!

And if you can’t seem to make a single one stick, don’t worry – we’ll be giving you a second chance with seven more New Year’s resolution ideas in our next post.

But beware: if you can’t turn at least one of these 13 resolutions into a business-boosting habit, we’ll place our hands on the hips of our high-waisted mom jeans, look down at you with a sigh and give it to you straight: “We’re not mad – we’re just very disappointed in you.” Those mom jeans and their accompanying scowl ain’t pretty, so make us proud.

Starved for approval? Tell us about the resolution you adopted and how you plan to make it work in a comment below.

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