3 (important, often overlooked) areas of focus for 2022

There are three important things you should focus on when it comes to your digital marketing efforts in 2022 – I’m calling them out in this email because I see too many business owners overlooking these strategies.

Let’s change that!

But first, happy New Year 🥳

This is my first email to you since 2021, so I wanted to wish you and yours the best of everything for 2022.

Hope it’s treating you well so far ✨

With that said, let’s get down to business.

In this email, I’m going to give you a quick overview of a few strategies you should definitely consider if you’re looking to maximize your ROI this year.

I’ll delve into each one more in detail in further emails, but for now, here’s what I want to put on your radar:

1 – Affiliate Platforms

If you’re selling a product online, you should really look into getting your brand hooked up on affiliate platforms like Skimlinks or even Amazon.

Here’s (the short version) of why you should care:

First of all, it’s basically a must-have for your PR team. A surprising number of high-profile, mainstream media outlets will ONLY link to or reference your brand if you’re on an affiliate platform.


Because every time a reader clicks the link to make a purchase, the media outlet gets a cut of the sale.

In a world of slashed advertising budgets and dwindling paid subscribers, outlets are leveraging affiliate programs to get paid.

Simply put, if you’re not on an affiliate platform you’re going to have a helluva time getting media coverage – and backlinks – in 2022.

Your backlink outreach is going to go a zillion times better if you’re offering bloggers an affiliate link that will get them paid as their audience buys.

Ditto your influencer outreach efforts (and trackable results).

The press pitches your PR team sends will be much more likely to result in actual media placements.

Again, I’ll have more details for you in a future email – but the TLDR is: you don’t sleep on affiliate links.

2 – Using social media for its intended purpose

✨ Relationship building ✨

If you’re using your social media channels solely for the purpose of promoting your brand, you’re going to have a hard time.

That’s always been the case, but my team has noticed a trend over the last year or so:

It’s become increasingly easy to cozy up to reporters and influencers on social, build a relationship for a few months, and then come to them with an ask that results in an action.

Sometimes it’s as simple as asking for a retweet, other times it’s a full-blown pitch.

Speaking of, just yesterday my team secured a full feature in Forbes, focusing on the client’s production and innovation in their space.

This opportunity hit via LinkedIn – and the reporter came to TCF’s account rep with the offer after seeing his social media posts about the client.

We’re seeing a HUGE spike in the number of journalists and influencers who regularly handle business via social media.

And if you’re not at the party, you’ll never get asked to dance.

I totally get that social media can be overwhelming, and it’s super frustrating to scream into the void of zero interaction.

Retweets are hard to come by, and comments…well, it’s always nice when your aunt chimes in on Facebook.

But trust me when I say that you don’t have to spend a ton of time on social media – you just need to spend some time, consistently, implementing the right strategy.

Great news: I’m going to walk you through the exact strategies we use at TCF in a series of future emails. I will hold your hand through the process 🙌

Effective social media marketing can be simple – and sustainable. You’re missing out if you’re not doing it in 2022.

3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Demand for TCF’s SEO services went through the roof over the last couple of years – and we just signed two new contracts last week.

TCF isn’t alone in this experience.

I’ve talked to many different SEOers who are also swamped with work. Waiting lists are long, folks.

The pandemic forced a lot of businesses to shift their marketing strategies/budgets, and many turned to SEO for the solution.

Often, they found that it delivered beyond their expectations 💯

As more companies are understanding the massive ROI there is to be had ranking #1 in Google search engine results pages, the space is getting more crowded and competitive.

This means that if you’re not doing it, there’s a good chance that your competition is.

And you DO NOT want to be behind the 8-ball on this, because there’s a huge first-mover advantage with SEO.

Meaning, it usually costs more to fight someone playing the game (especially when you’re coming in as the underdog).

But if you’re the first in the space?

You can get paiiiiiiiid.

And consistently, for as long as your content dominates the SERPs.

If you’ve read this far, you probably know I’m going to tease additional (and actionable!) SEO tips in future emails – so I’ll skip mentioning that this time 😂

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