Have you ever met someone who’s obsessed with business apps? You know, the guy around the office who downloads them all like it’s a new form of Pokemon. He pounces on naïve interns and managers with childlike glee and blathers on and on about all the cool apps he’s discovered, waving his smartphone about. “I know all the best apps! This one lets you begin every conference call with a Zig Ziglar quote read by Morgan Freeman! This one allows you to use glitter text in Excel! And look! This one shows, like, numbers!”

If you’re running a business, you’re naturally interested in new apps tips for entrepreneurs. Good apps make your job easier. But you need a sort mechanism of some kind, because there’s a lot of garbage out there too. Because we’re such nice people, we went treasure hunting for business tools, sifted through the junk to find the gems, and prepared a list of the five apps we recommend to all of our clients.

Get ready, because with these apps, you and business are going to kick some ass.

1. Killer Apps for EntrepreneursThe Resumator: Find Top Talent

We’re a close-knit company, but even we’ve had our share of hiring woes. We can’t imagine what it must be like for companies that employ hundreds of workers. We do know an app that can help, though. More than just an app, The Resumator is a full-fledged hiring platform that allows you to create customized job boards on your company website, share open positions easily through social media accounts, test skills and compare interviewer feedback.

The clincher? Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney used The Resumator for hire employees for their 2012 election campaigns. When it comes to business apps, it doesn’t get much more legit than that.

2. Card Munch: Next-Gen Networking 

This app comes from the team at LinkedIn. Use your phone to snap a photo of any business card and CardMunch will add the info to your contacts list. It’s a great time saver for entrepreneurs on the go. Liz Gannes shared one of her favorite features of the app in a New York Times review: “One neat thing the company does is understand that your phone address book might not be the right place for business cards from people you hardly know. The company does integrate with the iPhone address book, but you also have the option to store each business contact in a separate CardMunch address book and export contacts as .vcf (vCard) files.”

3. Perch: Social Media Tracking

You can’t stay one step ahead of your competitors if you have no idea what they’re up to. Perch can help. The app helps small business owners stay up to date on promotions, social media updates, customer reviews and other online news about competing businesses in their area. Small Biz Technology called it “The one-stop social media tracking app for small business.” We’re calling it a must-have tool for entrepreneurs.

4. MobileDay: Virtual Conferencing

The Content Factory team doesn’t do office meetings. Why? Because there’s no office. We’re completely virtual, and our employees and clients span the globe. Needless to say, we spend quite a lot of time on conference calls, and MobileDay is a true sanity-saver. It’s one of our favorite business tools because it works with your calendar, email, text messaging, contacts and dialer, allowing you to access conference calls quickly and easily. It’s one of our favorite business apps for two simple reasons: it saves us a ton of time, and it keeps the stress monster away.

5. Genius Scan: Mobile Scanning On the Go

This app suggestion came from Robinson Hicks, a marketing copywriter at Zco Corporation. Here’s what Hicks had to say about the app: “Genius Scan gives the user the ability to scan, email, or airprint documents. By taking pictures of physical documents, a PDF is compiled. The access to a scanner at all times can be a huge benefit for an entrepreneur who is frequently out of the office or traveling.” For entrepreneurs on the go, being able to scan and send contracts, reports and other documents without the need for a scanner is a real superpower. We can’t wait to try this one for ourselves!

Use these business apps to make your workday easier, to streamline your hiring process, to boost your sales or to make a competitor feel like a little kid who’s not cool enough to know the password to your secret treehouse. Just promise us you won’t turn into the mad office app proselytizer. If your colleagues come to you for entrepreneurial tips or a friend asks if you’ve downloaded any new apps lately, it’s perfectly appropriate to talk about the five great apps we’ve just covered. But if your coworkers have been ducking into empty cubicles and storage closets when they see you approaching with your iPhone, it’s probably time to get some help, man.

Know an entrepreneur with a smartphone? Forward them this post — there’s probably an app they can use!

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  1. Sounds like I'll be downloading some new apps! Thanks for the valuable information. I can't tell which one I'm more excited about! lol. But rest assured, I'll be downloading them right away! Thanks again. 🙂

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