Facebook is an important aspect of any social media marketing plan, but improper handing of social media management can do more harm than good – and no company wants bad web PR. Generally speaking, there are five common mistakes that businesses make when marketing with Facebook:

????????????????????????????????????????1. Posting too many updates.

A business page should update no more than twice per day, in general. Of course, if you have tens of thousands of fans or followers, one or two more might not be a bad idea. No matter what type of message you’re sharing, you don’t want to dominate the news feeds of potential customers – it just makes you look spammy.

2. Not varying the content enough.

Your status updates aren’t limited to links back to your company’s website, you know. In fact, any social media marketing expert would tell you not to do that. Instead, post links to funny news items related to your industry, expert tips, celebrity anything and genuinely interested content. If your fans and followers value your updates, they’re more likely to pay attention when you are promoting yourself.

3. Excessive self-promotion.

Out of 10 posts, no more than two should have anything to do with your company (including products, sales and coupon codes). Marketing with Facebook does not mean that you only have to post updates related to your company. Although you want to stay in front of potential customers, joining in on conversations is a much better way to do it than sending out an unending barrage of self-serving status updates. Again, it makes you look like a spammer.

4. Having an unkempt page.

Pay attention to the general aesthetics of your page – see things from a potential customer’s perspective: do you look like a legit business, or a spammer who doesn’t know enough about Facebook to keep the page clean? If you accidentally send out an update with a bad link, delete the post. If somebody said something negative, immediately get the comment off of the page. Also, make sure that the photos are clear and there aren’t extra links in the content. Keep the page professional, or risk a negative impact on your web PR campaign.

5. Not double-checking spelling and grammar.

No matter what content you post, if your spelling is awful and you’re using “they’re” instead of “their,” people are going to notice – and they’re not going to be as likely to make a purchase. If you want to handle the social media marketing of your company, but you know your spelling is sub par, type things into Word first (and check for red squiggleys). If you’re completely hopeless, consider outsourcing the media management to an online PR agency.

Companies are starting to see the value in social media marketing, and their sales are increasing as a result. Marketing with Facebook is something almost anyone can master, but you have to be aware of how your fans and followers are responding to your updates. If nobody is responding, you might want to rethink your web PR strategy.

Another option, of course, is to let a professional handle your company’s social media marketing. The right online PR agency can do wonders for the bottom line of a business, and even if you don’t partner with one long-term, they can often give you a running start in the right direction.

By Joan Barrett

Header photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

By Kari DePhillips

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