Content marketing is not as easy as it seems. For some, it’s merely a matter of coming up with the most interesting ideas that can instantly grab any reader’s attention. For others, it’s simply about investing in skilled copywriters and proofreaders to make sure their content is flawless. However, there are plenty of other factors that play a role in fostering engagement for an online business.

There are content marketers who know exactly what to do in catering to a client’s needs, and there are those who tend to overlook key parameters that can make a lot of difference in content marketing campaigns. Outlined below are six areas that these two types of content marketers often differ in:

Quality Over Quantity

The most important thing to consider in content marketing is quality. Website visitors will most likely return if they got something valuable out of it.

One study examining the behavior of social media sharers concluded that 94% of their respondents first consider how the information they share online is going to benefit other people. Creating strong content that resonates with the reader will attract not only a brand’s target market but those beyond their audience as well.

Even if a website publishes a 1,500-word blog post every week, their audience isn’t going to stick around if the content lacks substance. The best approach is to start small yet with excellent quality. For example, those who are relatively new to the business can start with 700 words of polished content and publish once or twice a month, then increase once some improvement in traffic has been observed.

Giving Importance to Research

Every smart content marketer should be aware that conducting ample research is a fundamental part of the process. If readers find out that most of the content in a blog they frequently visit is inaccurate, this tarnishes the company’s image and negatively affects how their audience perceives their products or services. Providing links to other websites is another practice that should be done carefully to ensure that the sources are valid and reliable.

Research is the core of every good content marketing campaign that steers a business closer to their end result. It’s the key to understanding your audience better by examining what keywords are doing well to improve search ranks and by staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

A growing number of online tools have been developed to aid content marketers in finding out what topics are popular. Some of these include BuzzSumo, EpicBeat, Sprout Social, and Oktopost.

Building and Keeping an Audience

Content marketing experts agree that if a brand’s content is created for everybody, it’s created for nobody. If an online business is targeting, for instance, five different types of audiences but using only one content strategy, it is less likely to succeed. At the start of every content marketing campaign, an essential question to address is this: Who are you trying to target with every published piece of content?

For a business to thrive, it must focus on catering to their customers’ needs. This includes providing them with information they are looking for such as product information and reviews. These are just some of the topics that can be highlighted in a brand’s online content.

It’s also worth noting that focusing too much on your brand’s products can drive your readers away. There must also be content written about the customers’ interests, solutions to their problems, and the best practices in the industry.

Of course, building an audience isn’t enough. The goal is to convert these readers into subscribers. This works by not only creating powerful content but promoting it as well.

To achieve this, there are several techniques that successful marketing practitioners have been using. Email-based subscription continues to be the most reliable method in maintaining a brand’s readership as it adds a personal touch to the communication.

Other effective methods include SMS subscriptions, browser-based push notifications, and engagement with social media followers.

Project Management

A systematic and organized workflow is essential to every project. Statistics show that 51% of most successful content marketers rely on a strong project management flow in the process of content creation.

There are many instances when content marketing becomes rife with problems if there isn’t a good project manager to oversee the team. Projects could fall behind on deadlines or fail to keep up with rapidly changing channels for distribution.

With good project management, a content creation timeline can be outlined and followed closely. Project managers are there to properly assign tasks and keep track of each member’s progress. They must lay out realistic goals and be highly organized all throughout.

Good content creators led by great strategists make up an outstanding content marketing team geared towards success.

Paying Attention to Data

According to one survey, the top challenges of content marketers today include producing engaging content, measuring the effectiveness of content, and measuring returns of content marketing. These can all be addressed by paying close attention to website analytics.

Studying engagement metrics can help content marketers find out what kind of content to publish and monitor the progress of each content marketing strategy.

Content marketing projects that flop often fail to examine data related to engagement and ROI. Without measuring the results of published content, it becomes difficult to know what kind of material to consistently publish.

Data-driven content marketers already know what kind of data to track such as total leads, returning visitors, click-through rates, landing page views, and keyword rankings. Measuring these results can certainly streamline the process of evaluating which blog posts are performing and which ones aren’t.

Continuous Improvement

Being critical in every step of the process is one of the many tactics used in effective content marketing projects. This entails exploring ideas beyond one’s comfort zone to proactively improve a campaign’s success rate.

The best content marketers are not afraid to try using different channels from time to time, especially if a certain medium is no longer working.

There’s a vast array of marketing tools that can be used to enhance online brands, and experimenting with these rather than sticking to one resource can go a long way.

Daniel Ross is part of the marketing team at — a scheduling and payroll software platform. Their mission is to change the way the world manages its workforces.

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