The Challenge:

A young employee benefits consulting firm seeks to stand out in a crowded marketplace 

In an industry full of long-established power players, The JP Griffin Group, an employee benefits consulting firm founded in 2010, realized they’d need to capitalize on digital marketing to rise above the fray and command more market share. With an Alexa rank of only 5,355,483, the company turned to The Content Factory to grow their site traffic through search engine optimization.

The Solution:

A targeted content strategy focused on SEO

The Content Factory began by creating a robust, 72-page keyword research and competitive analysis report examining: 

  • The sit's existing keyword rankings
  • The keywords of the firm's top three competitors
  • Backlink profile
  • Social media marketing efforts

SEO Before TCF

Alexa Ranking:

Organic Search Value

Total No. of Keywords

No. of Front Page Keywords: 53

No of Keywords in Top spot: 1

We recommended a strategy based on long-form content targeting high-volume, high cost-per-click keywords and optimized for Google rich snippets. We then built out an editorial calendar to support this strategy. As we published content for the company, we would evaluate results each month to iterate our SEO strategy.

The Results:

1,591 new keyword rankings, 312 on the first page of google

The JP Griffin Group engaged TCF in January 2017. After one year they saw tremendous growth in their keyword rankings.

Benefits SEO Case Study


Alexa Ranking:

Organic Search Value

Total No. of Keywords

No. of Front Page Keywords: 312

No of Keywords in Top spot: 44

The JP Griffin Group reported back to us that their sales team was seeing unsolicited leads come in from organic traffic for the first time in company history. This allowed them to sign new clients and generate new business.

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