The Challenge:

Helping Fracture build a media presence to attain its ambitious growth and sales goals

When TCF was hired as the PR firm to represent the carbon-neutral Florida-based DTC photo decor brand Fracture in the summer of 2019, the company had barely any media coverage to show for its ten years in business. 

What’s more, the brand was on the verge of being “canceled” in the thick of a national public relations crisis – the weekend before our contract was set to start.

The Solution:

Clarify brand messaging, train the C-suite, and implement an aggressive custom-tailored PR strategy

Rather than wait until the start date we were contracted for, the TCF team rolled up our collective sleeves, jumped into the account early, and hit the ground running with an all-hands-on-deck urgency to help our new client steer out of disaster mode and secure its reputation.

With quick action from our team and Fracture’s executives, we were able to turn a bad story into great coverage for their brand – as well as praise from the very people who were poised to “cancel” the client.

Once the fires were extinguished we flew to Fracture’s Florida headquarters, trained their executives on our proprietary PR techniques, and immediately launched a two-year proactive public relations plan that would require buy-in from the top down and across departments. 

The Results:

$32.45 Million worth of earned media from 235 press placements in just 2 years.

The Content Factory’s time-tested techniques proved effective in helping Fracture secure 235 media placements with an Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) of $32.45 Million over the course of 26 months.

That’s an average of 9 placements and $1.25 million worth of earned media each month (according to Meltwater, the industry’s leading media monitoring & social analytics platform).

Through a combination of proactive pitching campaigns, daily journalist query responses, and strategically promoted press releases, TCF improved Fracture’s public profile (and its SEO).

The client enjoyed a steady stream of product reviews at top-tier outlets like CNN and USA Today, as well as valuable thought leadership features in high-profile business publications like Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc.

In the two consecutively profitable years that TCF was contracted to manage Fracture’s public relations, they developed from a successful but relatively unpublicized niche DTC small business into a popular polished purpose-driven brand that sold its majority shares for $27 million to Summit Partners in February of 2021.

Part of TCF’s initial PR strategy was to clearly identify Fracture’s unique messaging points that differentiated them from others in the decor space, both as a product and as an organization.

Once we helped the team crystalize their overarching company culture into succinct messaging points (such as their honest focus on sustainability and customer service), we made it our business to share their story with every relevant media outlet in the country. 

Here are some examples of the coverage we earned for our client.


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