Okay, so it hasn’t exactly been a month yet. Technically, Joan’s first day working full-time at The Content Factory (TCF) was October 4th, and my day planner is telling me that today is only the 29th. Still, we’re four weeks in and it seems like we’re miles away from where we started.

We moved into our new office (formerly used as a gallery/meeting space by local artists, natch) and even bought furniture. Joan has really become an expert in social networking and tweeting, and I’m so psyched that we decided to follow through on the business — something we’d talked about for quite some time.

In the last four weeks, we’ve:

  • Written the web content for five different law firms
  • Completed major content overhauls for clients, including PaperMart, Outdoorsman and A2Zing
  • Broken a coffee pot trying to fill it up in the bathroom sink
  • Passed the 2,000 follower mark for one of our favorite social networking clients
  • Increased weekly traffic for one of our clients by 338%
  • Accidentally consumed Diet Coke that expired in 2007
  • Hired 15 new writers
  • Fired four of them
  • Started using a new project management system to manage our freelancers and their work
  • Gained three new social networking clients
  • Sparked a heated debate about Spanx on Fark

All together, our writers have written more than 300 pages over the last four weeks — and Joan and I have personally edited every single word. We haven’t had many days off, but we’re starting to see the results of our efforts. So many of our clients have referred us to others, we’re having a hard time keeping up with the requests for proposals. To help free myself up to take on new business, I’m currently on the search for an editor that will meet or exceed our ridiculously high standards. As any perfectionist would tell you, good help is hard to find these days.

I’m so excited to see what the next month will bring. Joanie B. and I are starting to fall into our groove, and tasks that once took hours to complete are now finished in minutes. We’re streamlining our process, making mistakes and learning from them. Most importantly, our clients seem to genuinely love the work that we do. It’s pretty cool stuff.

Mad props and a shoutout to the following: Michael Sacca for designing our awesome website, WallMonkeys for being our first official client and Paris Intimates for helping us cross the 2,000 Twitter follower mark.

Header photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

By Kari DePhillips

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  1. Hey

    Did you only start this business in OCT 2011? Sorry I’m just nosey! Did you just start with the two of you? You seem to have progressed really quickly!

    1. I’ve been a social media consultant and freelance writer for several years, but we just started TCF last August. Joanie and I started the company, and we’re growing pretty fast. Business has been good so far, but it’s also been a lot of hard work!

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