Did you know that if you request a “Land, Sea and Air Burger” at any McDonald’s in the U.S., they’ll slap a chicken patty, fish filet and burger all on one sandwich? Or that you can order a Captain Crunch or Neapolitan frappuccino at any Starbucks location? These offbeat eats aren’t openly advertised. They’re part of rumored secret menus, and more restaurants offer hidden delights than you might realize. We know, because we love food – almost as much as we love secrets.

When we’re not sampling dubious fast food concoctions, The Content Factory team spends a lot of time on the lookout for secrets that can help our clients. So when we heard that Pinterest was introducing “secret boards,” we immediately logged on to the Internets and went to see if we got what we wanted for Christmas.

But wait, you say. Isn’t promoting brands and marketing products the whole point of using Pinterest for business accounts? What can business owners hope to achieve if they hide their pins from consumers? How can they possibly use Pinterest’s secret boards to their advantage? What are these things?

The Secret to Using Pinterest's Secret Boards

They're just what you think they are. Pinterest now allows you to create private boards and to add collaborators to help out with that new thing you wanna do, whatever that might be. It's immediately obvious to us that private boards are great for planning and brainstorming. That's why we wanted them. But in time, people will certainly come up with even more creative uses. An insightful article on PR Daily offered these 3 ideas:

  1. Social media content development board - Social media managers usually plan the posts and images they're going to share several weeks in advance. By using private boards, community managers can collaborate and brainstorm together, and pull inspiration from the board to generate future social media content. For example, if you pin a holiday specific infographic, you can save it for a timely and relevant post in the future.
  2. Launch board - When creating a board specific to a new product launch or an upcoming announcement, it may be valuable to develop a well-crafted board before it is made public. By creating a private board first, marketers can create and design a Pinterest campaign before unveiling the content to the public. Private boards are also helpful because marketers can avoid bombarding followers with multiple pins simultaneously.
  3. Event planning board - Secret boards offer a great way to collaborate on an upcoming event. Contributors can share images of venues, decor, themes, links to vendors, food ideas, music inspiration, etc.

The private boards also enable users to plan an office holiday party, off-site meetings, and other events where private collaboration … more at 3 Ways Brands Can Use Pinterest's 'Secret Boards.’

We’re digging all of these ideas, and we definitely plan to use #1. With all of the social media accounts we handle, we think this system will save our PR coordinators and social media gurus a lot of time – plus, they'll be able to clear their desktops of dozens of photos and folders.

Do you plan on using Pinterest’s secret boards to benefit your business? Tell us how in a comment below. Know of a secret menu item that you think we should try? Tell us about it – we’re always up for a dare.

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    1. We prefer the secret menu at In N Out, for sure. Animal style would totally kick Land, Sea and Air’s ass!

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