Stop struggling to get just a trickle of traffic and start getting consistent, daily traffic that’s ready to buy

Stop struggling to get just a trickle of traffic and start getting consistent, daily traffic that’s ready to buy

SEO can feel like you’re swinging at a moving target...

We see you.

You’re sick of wasting your time on SEO advice that promises you the world but doesn’t give you the results you need.

You’re tired of trying a million things without being CERTAIN they’ll make a difference.

And you know if you just had a plan to follow, you’d finally be able to pull in more traffic that converts, and shatter your sales goals like we do over and over again here at The Content Factory:

Don’t get us wrong... There are hundreds of marketing gurus online who love to hear themselves give advice.

But don’t you think the stress of trying a million new things with NO CERTAINTY is just too much???

Something’s got to give. Especially when there’s a consistent, proven way to get more high-quality traffic!

How much time are you spending:

  • Reading blog posts and watching YouTube trying to figure out this week’s SEO and marketing rules?
  • Guessing what to try next, like you’re throwing darts at a board to see what sticks?
  • Digging through piles of arbitrary marketing advice and wondering who to believe?
  • Sweating bullets hoping your latest method will work and still not seeing any real results?

This is NOT how you should be spending your time.

You should be spending it watching the traffic come in and crushing your sales goals!

But Let's Be Real

The SEO advice you’ve tried has NOT been the answer for you, has it?

Every Time you've tried a new tactic in the past, one of these things happend:

  • You spent weeks grinding out content with no foreseeable ROI. 
  • You tried focusing on keywords but couldn't figure out the right ones to use.
  • You built backlings by the dozens but didn't have time to see any real results. 
  • You were terrified that the SEO tactics you were using might get your site blacklisted.
  • You just didn't know where to start to get reliable, consistent results.

Sound about right?

What if I told you there IS a way to drive ready-to-buy traffic to your website AND it only requires a proven method no one is talking about?

Look there are two types of Business owners...

Type #1 hops from one strategy to another, always hoping the next tactic will be the greener grass they've been looking for. 

They give themselves headaches searching Google for hours for a new marketing method they haven't tried yet.

All work, no play, and very little payoff. 

They burn hours of time and energy and STILL get outranked by their least favorite competitor.

They may have even contemplated throwing in the towel on SEO because it's so exhausting to do all the work with no rewards and no guarantee results are coming any time soon.

Why does this happen?

Because a lot of the tips you’ve been given are garbage, some are outdated, and the rest just don’t work on their own. 

See, the internet is full of SEO gurus sharing tips and tricks to show you how much they know. 

They hand out little samples, like tiny cubes of SEO cheese on toothpicks, but they don’t give you what you need to turn those cubes into something useful. What they don’t tell you is that those little pieces of advice don’t work on their own.

Now, let's talk about Type #2:

They’re getting consistent, steady increases in traffic that actually converts into sales.

They start each day knowing EXACTLY what to do to keep their traffic growing and end each day knowing they’ll get results because they always do.

Type #2s come back from a weeklong vacation and see their numbers actually GREW while they were gone because their results created more results.

Did we mention consistently increasing traffic? Great SEO is like compound interest. It builds on itself and gains momentum.

Hi, I'm Kari,

CEO of the Content Factory

SERPstat recently named me one of the Top 3 Women in SEO, and I'm the co-founder of Sisters in SEO – the largest network of women in a 70% male-dominated field.

Where You've Seen Us

Simply put, you should trust us because we’ve been helping business owners and SEO professionals get massive amounts of high-converting traffic over...

And Over...

And Over Again...

Over the past 9 years, we’ve helped our clients generate MILLIONS of dollars in sales through organic traffic. In fact, you probably found The Content Factory through a Google search, because that’s where 85 percent of our traffic comes from.

Why? Because we take our own advice to build our company. 

Our own SEO efforts drive over a million dollars worth of organic traffic to our site each year and keep us ranked for 15,000+ keywords. We’ve been featured, quoted, and interviewed on CNN, Fox Business, Forbes, the New York Times, and more.

Why are most people stuck being Type #1?

Because they haven’t learned our Rise & Convert method for driving steady traffic that’s primed to convert and buy from your website.

And you can get ALL of this and more using the methods in RIse & Convert, which are designed to help YOU:
  • get loads of highly targeted traffic ready to make a purchase
  • find the PERFECT keywords and target them like a pro
  •  craft high-quality blog posts that attract your target audience AND prime them to buy from you
  • build backlinks that drive massive traffic and grow your reputation
  • put an end to trial and error
  • cash in on the proven SEO system we use with all our clients

But that's not all...

How will Rise & Convert help you?

By walking you through our proven method, step-by-step

Here's what you'll get:

Module 1: Million Dollar Keyword Research

Your SEO efforts have been failing because no one’s shown you how to identify profitable keywords you can rely on to get real, sustainable results. Well, we know a thing or five about this. We’ve written multiple blog posts that have generated over $1 million in revenue each. We owe it all to the right keywords and copy – and we’re happy to hand you the exact system we use so you can blog your way to a massive increase in sales.

Module 2: Breakthrough Content Strategy

Using spray & pray content methods and getting spray & pray results? The only way you can make it from point A to Z is to know what steps to take along the route. We’ve mapped out a content strategy system that’s designed to get you the most profit consistently knocking down your door. Once you finally start putting the right content in the right place at the right time, the sales will flow to you like wine at a wedding.

Module 3: Bullseye Blogging (That Converts)

Writing a blog post that converts isn’t easy. First, you have to please Google to get it seen. Then you have to please your readers to get it sold. We show you how to optimize for both. 

Module 4: Technical SEO Demystified

Robots.txt? Redirects? HTTPS? Schema? What is this stuff??? Important is what it is, but it doesn’t have to be scary. The fact is, if you ignore the technical SEO aspect of things, you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table. But if you get it right, you can pick up those stacks on autopilot (passive revenue FTW!). We’ll walk you through how to make sure all of the techie SEO stuff is actually set and working for you, not against you.

Module 5: The Backlink Machine

You already know that half the game is who you know (or who knows you, in this case). At TCF we’ve white-hat hacked our way to the top of the backlink game and have reaped major benefits for it. Then we’ve also turned around and done the same for our clients. If you’re not planning on hiring anyone for this, it’s imperative you know how to master the art of backlink building. The cool thing is, it doesn’t have to be that hard. We have some secret tools, resources, and strategies to show you how to score high-quality backlinks (and media coverage for your brand in the process).

But that's not all...

The main lessons alone are EASILY worth $2799 – but there’s more...

Bonus #1: The Ultimate Guide to Small Business SEO ($397 value)

Want to put your local spa on the map? Or maybe your client runs a small screen printing service. No matter what it is, everything you need is here. Small businesses have to operate a little differently on the SEO front, especially if you’re local. This guide has all the answers and a checklist to boot so you know you’ve got your ducks in a row.

Bonus #2: The Bullseye Blog Calendar Template ($397 value)

It’s not enough to know how to write a blog post you know will hit. Content is a long game and those games are made a lot shorter with a little planning. Have your content calendar ready so you’re never left guessing what to write, what keywords to use, how long the posts should be, or when they’re due to be published. This helps everything

Bonus #3: How to Generate $100k Media Coverage for Your Brand (in 3 Months!) ($1299 value)

Aly Walansky is one of the top journalists in the game —she writes for the Today show's website, Men's Health, BRIDES, PopSugar (this lady is EVERYWHERE). She receives thousands of pitches per week, and she gives us the goods on how to pitch reporters like her in a way that actually WORKS. 

In our interview, she tells us how to find her and other reporters when and where they're looking for quotes, the do's and don'ts of pitching, and the tools and resources you can use to stop chasing backlink opportunities and have them falling at your feet on a daily basis instead.


Bonus #4: Conversion Checklist ($397 value)

What’s the point of getting a bunch of visitors if you don’t know how to convert them into paying customers? This checklist makes it easy for you to remember exactly what to do to make sure your blog posts are doing both.

Bonus #5: The Hiring Cheat Sheet for Outsourcing Content ($397 value)

Don’t get caught in the trap of hiring writers who don’t actually have the specific skills you need, aren’t able to execute the voice you want, or just don’t know how to hit a deadline. This cheat sheet gives you 14 questions you need to ask before hiring your next writer so you can rest assured you’re trusting the right person with the job.

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So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to get consistent, targeted traffic that's ready to buy?