We’re About Delivering Results & ROI

At The Content Factory, we believe digital marketing is equal parts artistry and science.

When a campaign results in a lot of traffic or sales, we don’t celebrate. Instead, we do what we can to figure out why it was successful, then experiment until we’re able to consistently replicate the process. And we’re quick studies.

Above everything, we’re about delivering results for our clients — you can see some of our case studies here.

At The Content Factory, we believe digital marketing is equal parts artistry and science.

When we say we make our clients (more) famous, we have the numbers to back it up! Check out our case studies and see what we’re capable of.

Digital Marketing & PR Case Studies

We’re SEO experts.

Our content generates millions of dollars worth of organic traffic to our clients’ websites. Tens of millions of people read our content each year, because it’s well written and engineered to rank for specific keywords that drive traffic and conversions.

We’re social media marketing wizards.

Social media marketing, although snazzy, is difficult to achieve ROI from without a significant ad spend. So, we get creative and find new and exciting ways to squeeze every last drop of opportunity out of our client work.

We’re public relations geeks.

Our digital PR work speaks for itself. TCF’s clients have been featured everywhere from the Today show to the Wall Street Journal.

We’re insatiable learners.

Since our founding in 2010, we’ve only grown more obsessed with staying on top of shifting trends in digital marketing and PR.

Search engines and social media platforms change their algorithms every nanosecond, and we move swiftly to make sure our clients capitalize on new best practices before their competitors can.

Simply put, we make our clients (more) famous.

We're transparent.

Do you want to know how much we charge for digital PR services, social media marketing, copywriting, content marketing and SEO?

You don’t need to get on two conference calls and sit through a proposal walkthrough meeting, because ain’t nobody got time for that. Our generic proposal lists out all of our services and rates, and you can download it here.

The Content Factory Generic Proposal

Do you want to know how we do what we do?

We offer training packages and outline our strategies in our blog posts so you can peek behind the curtain and see what’s going on behind the scenes. We follow industry best practices, and none of our work is ever black hat.

We practice what we preach.

There’s about an 85% chance that you found TCF via Google search, and it’s because we’re a digital PR agency that believes in what we do.

Our site ranks for more than 15,000 keywords and delivers over $500k worth of organic traffic annually. If we can do this for ourselves, imagine what we can do for you!

SEMrush graph showing growth

We create graphs that look like this.

You can check us out on social media (Facebook and Twitter) – we’ve got thousands of followers and post regularly about digital PR, social media marketing, SEO and content.

TCF’s owner, Kari DePhillips, has been interviewed live on CNN and Fox Business, quoted in the New York Times and interviewed extensively in industry publications…and you’ll see TCF’s employees being quoted and interviewed around the internet, too. We’re all experts here!

We know our digital PR methods work, because they’ve gotten us bylines and coverage in outlets like Forbes, NBC News and The Guardian. See just a few of our favorite media mentions here!

A man reads a TCF byline on Business News Daily as his dog sits close by

We're kind of weird, in a good way.

The Content Factory’s a little different than most digital marketing and PR agencies.

We’re a team of 11 people (employees, not contractors) spread out over seven states, and although we don’t have a corporate office anymore we’ve been known to workation together in various tropical locations. Although we’re all based in the US, we occasionally work from around the world – and bring that global perspective to our clients.

Kari DePhillips

Kari DePhillips


Kari DePhillips is the owner of The Content Factory and co-founder of Workationing. She’s been featured everywhere from Fast Company to Forbes to NBC News for her management style and digital marketing expertise, and Thrive calls her a “limit‑breaking female founder.”

Jason Myers

jason Myers

Senior Account Executive

Jason's track record in PR and social media management at the executive level combined with his focus on CSR has earned him the reputation as the go-to account manager for sustainably-minded organizations ranging from global non-profits to purpose-driven billion-dollar brands. He also happens to be the founder and bassist for Cleopatra Records recording artist, Icarus Witch

Chris Hornyak

Chris Hornyak


As TCF’s editor, Chris strives to get ahead of trends in all copy he touches — from longform SEO pieces to slick, witty 280-character tweets. When he isn’t chopping up text, he’s managing writers, interacting with clients and hosting rad webinars.

Lindsay Wissman

Lindsay Wissman


Lindsay writes content for various TCF clients in the healthcare, financial, and high tech industries to the tune of 14,000+ words per month. When she isn’t writing, she’s knitting, managing the Running With Sharpies shop on Etsy

Brian markowski

tech Wizard

When he isn’t lending his technology and digital PR expertise to TCF, Brian serves as lead dev at Zomia Offline Games and hosts the Sovryn Tech Podcast, a science and tech podcast covering the bleeding edge of science, technology and ethics.

Aubrianna Veitz

Aubrianna Myers

Executive assistant

Aubrianna helps TCF run smoothly behind the scenes supporting the PR team with data research, the content team with WordPress formatting, and the social team with graphic design. Outside of TCF, she’s lead designer and office manager at Mira Fair Trade and runs her own vegan cooking blog, VeitzEatz.

TCF’s employees have won double entendre competitions, written (and passed!) life-saving legislation, opened for 80s hair metal bands and slayed Halloween costume contests.

Some are geeks, some are jocks, and some prefer not to be defined by conventional high school stereotypes. At TCF, everyone sits at the same cafeteria table.

All together, we’re a cool group of talented people who find clever solutions to problems most people don’t know exist. We’re committed to working smarter and harder for our clients, because we know that’s what it takes to succeed in today’s hyper competitive marketplace.

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