SEO Keyword Research Template

You’ve researched the keywords you want to target — now what?

Before you get writing, you need to get planning. Get strategic. Get organized. And the first step toward crafting a content strategy that delivers massive traffic and ROI is to categorize your keywords by topic, volume, CPC and audience segment, so you can start developing irresistible content ideas.


We use this keyword research template to create content strategies for our clients — and you can get it for free!

Finding the right keywords to target with your content and SEO strategy is key to significantly increasing organic traffic and generating massive ROI.

Once you download your keyword research template and check out the other free guides below, you’ll have everything that you need to target keywords that will drive traffic (and more importantly, convert).

Download the SEO Keyword Research Template We Use

The Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO is a Simple Google Spreadsheet

Once you’ve downloaded your free keyword research template, be sure to check out this quick how-to guide that will show you how to get the most out of your new favorite keyword research tool.

What is a Keyword? An SEO Basics Guide

If you find that you need some additional support with getting your keyword research going, we have some other free guides you can check out. If you’re new to SEO, you’ll want to start with this rundown of the basics.

Keyword Research Revealed: How to Research Keywords for SEO

Once you’re feeling comfortable with the terms and concepts, you’re ready to take a deep dive into keyword research. This comprehensive guide will teach you the tools, tricks and techniques that professional SEOs use to generate huge results for their clients

Keyword Research & Implementation Master Class

If you have the time for an hour long deep dive, you’ll definitely want to check out our Keyword Research & Implementation Master Class for a detailed walk-through of our favorite keyword research tool on the market, SEMrush.

SEO 101: Keyword Research & Analysis

If you prefer reading your SEO tips over watching them, this blog post covers the same topics we go over in our SEO master class webinar. Give it a bookmark and refer back to it while you’re writing your SEO content!

We can even hook you up with a FREE 7-day subscription to SEMrush Pro HERE.

Enroll in Online SEO & Content Writing Training

We offer two options for SEO and content writing training, both of which will take you from beginner to pro in eight hours! Both options come with access to all the internal guides we use to guide our SEO efforts at The Content Factory.

Option 1: Comprehensive Online SEO Training

This affordable online SEO training package teaches you everything you need to know about keyword research, competitive analysis, content writing, content promotion, linkbuilding, technical SEO and more.

You can get a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in our free webinar, 9 Expensive SEO Mistakes You’re (Probably) Making.

Option 2: One-On-One SEO Training Customized to Your Business

This option is perfect for future SEOs who want a hands-on learning experience and a jump-start on keyword research and editorial calendar development.

You’ll get live training sessions with the TCF team, who’ll help you find the content niche your business can fill. We’ll give you a master list of keywords and 6 months’ worth of content ideas.