The Challenge:

How to Boost Donations for an Amazing Charity?

Over the past decade, TCF has earned a reputation as a go-to agency for purpose-driven organizations. So we were honored when the president of Veterinarians International (VI) came to us for social media marketing help after being referred by a board member. 

Vets International is a non-profit org providing veterinary aid and education to improve the health and well-being of animals (both wild and domestic) and their communities worldwide. They rely on donations to fund their campaigns in places like Kenya and Sri Lanka where many species face extinction.

After a pandemic year that was financially challenging for charities, a philanthropic supporter known as The Meringoff Family Foundation stepped up to help VI with an offer to match any donations they could raise up to $300k. Yet the VI team faced one more daunting obstacle, they had just two months to get the word out and no social media team to help.

That’s when the animal-loving social wizards at The Content Factory rolled up their sleeves, put on their thinking caps, and got to the hard work of resurrecting a social presence that had been all but abandoned for months due to budgetary and staffing restrictions. 

The Solution:

Multi-channel social strategy, branding refresh, a new LinkedIn presence, and an organized SMM training system for the future

Since we knew the clock was ticking to hit the organization’s fundraising deadline and there was no budget for boosted posts (let alone paid influencer outreach) the name of the game was fast and frugal. We had to dive into this operation with the urgency and precision that VI’s skilled vets use for their own important procedures. 

The Content Factory began organizing all of the assets that would be necessary to create an aggressive schedule of posts and stories across four channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). We even pitched in from our personal socials to give the campaign a human touch.

TCF Joined Relevant FB Groups to Amplify VI's Message

Here are some of the specific actions The Content Factory implemented to reach the client’s short-term goal while setting them up for success in the future:

  • Produced multiple customized SMM video training sessions including Loom walkthrough video tutorials and trained the team in real-time via Zoom
  • Pitched in with some digital housecleaning, organizing a multitude of documents, links, folders, and brand guides into one easier-to-navigate one-sheet for the client’s social team to utilize
  • Set up a Canva Pro account including a brand kit for the client’s team to create branded content
  • Built a robust targetted influencer list to reach out to via social media
  • Created an easy-to-follow SMM content calendar
  • Created optimized social graphics for the campaign rollout
  • Introduced VI to new PR opportunities and landed media coverage
  • Created social share copy for the client’s ambassadors
  • Worked with the client’s web designer to optimize the landing pages
  • Coordinated social efforts with client’s blog and newsletter teams to align strategy
  • Corresponded with the client’s photographer in Kenya for story and reel content
  • Reached out to the team’s vets overseas and domestically with content ideas
  • Promoted VI’s LA Fundraiser and ensured they adhered to copyright regulations online
  • Live-Tweeted a high-profile event for VI in DC
  • Engaged on social with best practices that resulted in shares from industry influencers
  • Kept the client’s social insights green every week from start to finish of campaign
  • Worked with Veterinarian International’s global team to help them transition into managing their own SMM

The Results:

TCF organically increased VI’s Facebook reach by 357% and Instagram reach by 164% helping the non-profit exceed its goal, raising $305,000 in just two months 🙌

VI's FB + IG Reach Increased Exponentially Under TCF's SMM

VI's FB + IG Reach Increased Exponentially Under TCF's SMM

In addition to contributing to Veterinarians International’s main objective of fundraising, TCF also created a professionally branded Social Media Management training manual for the organization to use with their own team moving forward.

We helped the client land their 1st 100+ like IG post of the year and got their content shared by influencers in their space. TCF increased VI’s Tweet impressions by +10,349 and Twitter visits by +2,887. We revamped the client’s dormant LinkedIn page and managed to increase page views by 491 while driving an additional 85 people to the landing page. 

3,743 FB Followers To Begin 11/1/21

3,989 FB Followers To End 12/31/21

Above all else, we believe in the hard important work that Veterinarians International does for the animals and the planet so we took pride in mirroring their passion and work ethic to help them meet their challenges.

Here's What the Client says about our Work:

“Working with Jason and Kari at The Content Factory felt like family. This is a company that leads from the heart and wants the best for its clients, going the extra mile to ensure everything is polished and professional.

They increased our Facebook reach by 357% and Instagram reach by 164% in just two months while engaging with influencers and producing state-of-the-art branded content daily.

TCF also taught our team how to implement their expert marketing methods internally. They even helped us raise our PR and SEO profile with expert quotes and backlinks in top-tier media outlets like Yahoo! News and Daily Paws.

I'd highly recommend The Content Factory to any charity or company that is looking to raise awareness and exposure and achieve results.”

Founder & President

Veterinarians International